If you work with or are exposed to large chunks of data every single day, chances are, you’re wondering if there are ways to make extracting a certain type of information much more easier.

And there is!

With SQL — also known as structured query language — you’ll be able to interact and manage large quantities of data easily. Once you’ve extracted the data quickly, other processes like data testing and manipulating can be done easily too.

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Below, we give you five reasons you ought to learn SQL, and how it could be an extremely valuable skill to learn:

1. You Don’t Have To Code To Learn SQL

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As brilliantly explained by a Reddit user in the Explain Like I’m 5 subreddit, SQL is essentially a tool you use if you’re looking to get an answer out of your database:


One of the best things about SQL is that you don’t actually have to learn to code in order to learn it. The concepts are pretty straightforward.

Unlike programming languages that have complicated syntax, SQL’s syntax consist of logical terms like, SELECT, INSERT and DELETE. All of which are pretty easy to understand.

2. SQL Is Easy To Learn

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As mentioned earlier, SQL’s syntaxes are pretty easy to learn and understand.

What’s more, the SQL subreddit on Reddit has a helpful community where users can ask questions pertaining to SQL and its technicalities.

To add to this, SQL also compatible with most databases, making this skill very much in demand for most companies. Which brings us to our next point….

3. SQL Is Currently In Demand

A quick search on Glassdoor will show you that many big companies such as Facebook, Amazon Prime and Grab are looking for candidates with SQL experience.

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The 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey shows that SQL is the fourth most popular programming, scripting or markup language.

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These data sets indicate that there is in fact a demand for SQL skills in the real world. So, whether you’re a data analyst, developer or even digital marketer, having SQL knowledge can be beneficial for those dealing with data.

4. SQL Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

They say knowledge is power and it’s definitely the case when you’re working with data.

Being exposed to data and having access to it means that you’re able to make more informed business decisions and support those decisions.

You’ll also learn a lot about your company’s audience and how they interact with your product — thus you’ll gain another form of insight.

5.It Pays Well

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According to PayScale, an SQL developer in Singapore can make an average of $56K annually — which is pretty hefty! It can go up to $124K too.

If you think this is only applicable in Singapore, consider how much SQL Developers make on average in the U.S.

Based on an Indeed.com statistic, SQL developers make an average of USD$84K. Data administrators too, make an average of USD$84K.

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As we’ve shown, having SQL skills can be beneficial, regardless of your current job scope. Learn how to operate any SQL database and generate reports with ease by signing up for UpCode Academy‘s SQL Bootcamp. Sign up for it here!