We’re in the second quarter of the year. So, if you’re trying to make good of your new year’s resolution to code or learn something new, here are some of the easiest coding languages to pick up this year.

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The Easiest Programming Languages To Learn In 2019_1

Python continues to be one of the most popular coding languages even in 2019. Most recently, software quality company Tiobe ranks Python as the fourth most popular (and easiest) language to learn.

Python is also one of the most flexible languages to learn and has a wide community online.

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One of Python’s biggest contenders, Julia is another easy language to learn that was created to address the shortcomings of Python itself. Plus, due to its fast nature, Julia is straightforward and efficient.

What’s more, Julia can work with libraries written in languages like Python and C — so it’s a resourceful language.


The Easiest Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

Easily one of the oldest and established programming languages to date, JavaScript still reigns as one of the most useful languages around.

JavaScript is mainly used to design interactive applications and create intuitive displays for web and mobile applications.

Ruby on Rails

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Hear us out a little, Ruby’s popularity may have gone down but not all is lost for this programming language.

After all, Ruby on Rails can create web applications very quickly. Till today, companies like Shopify and Sephora SEA continue to use Ruby on Rails.

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Unlike Python, R is statistical coding language that’s great for web scrapping and data wrangling.

R’s great for focusing on analysis, statistics and graphical models.

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