Come August 2019, Singapore Management University — or SMU for short — will be opening a second major in Data Science and Analytics. The new major will equip students with skills to transform large amounts of data into useful information that could help with business decision making.

Data analytics and business intelligence are slowly becoming sectors that have increased in popularity over the last few years.

One of the best tools used currently in the industry is Google Analytics.

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Despite how it was launched about 14 years ago, Google Analytics is a tool used mainly to help track the activities on a website. Such activities can include the amount of pageviews, pages per session and bounce rate.

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What’s more, Analytics can be linked to Google AdWords — a tool that marketers can use to review digital campaigns and track conversions.

Interested in learning Google Analytics? Here are just some of the easy ways that understanding this useful data analytics platform can help your business and potentially, your career:

You’ll Learn Where Your Company Page Stands On The Web

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Through Google Analytics, you gain insights on the number of visitors on your page, which pages are the most popular and find out how users have found your website (e.g. through keywords or phrases).

All these information can help you develop an understanding of where your website stands on the Internet and how your audience is coming onto your website. You’ll be amazed to find out what keywords or phrases your website is known for and through that, you’ll be able to understand what your brand is then known for online.

You Can Find Out Where Your Competition Ranks

Besides looking at your own insights, Google Analytics also allows you to look at where your competitors rank and how their websites are performing in comparison to yours.

After you’ve used Google Analytics to size up the competition, you can then use other free Google tools like Adwords and Trends to find out the types of keywords your competitors are ranking for and the popularity of these keywords.

Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

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When paired with other free Google tools, Google Analytics can help you make more informed business decisions and craft out better marketing strategies.

Plus, having Google Analytics means you’ll have the numbers to back up any sort of business decision you might make.

Improve Your Website’s Usability

After gathering insights about your website, you can then improve its usability.

Through Google Analytics, you can see where users enter and exit on your website, how long they’re staying on a particular page of your website and so much more.

From here, you’d be able to deduce which sections of the website are more popular than others and how you can ensure that people are landing on your website and staying on to read your content.

Google Analytics Can Help You Set And Track Goals

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One of the most useful features of Google Analytics for businesses owners is that, you’re able to set and track goals for the website you own.

There are four different types of goals you set up: Destination, Duration, Pages per Session, and Event.

After setting up a goal, you’ll be able to track the conversion rate from your website and figure out if you’ve reached your required goals.

Learn how to set goals, analyse your website data and more by signing up UpCode Academy’s Google Analytics for Beginners course here for just $98.