Designed and developed back in 2007, Golang (short for Go Programming Language), was created by Google employees who felt the need to invent a code that could perform functions more efficiently.

The language has seen a steady increase of users with companies like Dropbox, Bitly and Soundcloud relying on Golang to power their products.

If you’re on this article, we reckon you’ve probably already read about the technical capabilities of Golang and why it’s so impressive.

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That said, we’ll be focusing on the practical reasons you ought to be learning Golang:

1. It’s Eas…ier Than Most Programming Languages

General consensus (taken from the likes of Quora and Reddit) will have you know that, compared to backend programming languages like Ruby and Java, Golang is a language that’s easy to learn and perfect for beginners because it’s easy to read.

That said, if you’re working on a legacy code or are trying to advance your knowledge of the language, it can be easy to look at examples of other people’s code and integrate them into your work.

Keep in mind that the creators of Golang came up with the language specifically for efficiency so ease of use and quicker run times are essentially in Golang’s DNA.

2. Golang’s Got A Spellcheck Of Sorts

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Here’s a scene that’s all too relatable for programmers everywhere: You’ve spent a few hours writing blocks upon blocks of code. Feeling satisfied, you click Run only to discover that portions of your code are riddled with bugs but you’re not entirely sure where.

If you’re a big fan of dynamically typed languages like JavaScript and Python, you’ll be able to relate to this. While there’s nothing wrong with the way these languages function, it can be pretty frustrating to deal with — especially when you’re trying to debug your code as quickly as possible.

However, thanks to the fact that Golang is a statically typed language, it manages to detect errors in a code pretty quickly — depending on the type of integrated environment you use — so you’re able to fix errors as soon as they arise. Studies have also shown that statically typed languages reduce the amount of bugs in code too.

3. Plenty Of Resources And Help

We’ve said this before about languages like Python and Ruby but really, considering that Golang is less than a decade old (in terms of when it was released), there’s a huge resource pool for beginners to tap on to.

According to Reddit user u/ilikecaketoomuch, a Ruby programmer they knew took two weeks to fully learn Golang using books and videos found online:


Besides these resources, there’s also a Reddit thread for the language. What’s more, the Golang creators also hold an annual conference called Gopherpalooza in San Francisco where talks surrounding Golang and its capabilities are held.

Even if you can’t attend the event, there are live streams and videos you can watch online.

All in all, much like most programming languages, Golang receives plenty of support online so you’re really not alone in your learning journey!

4. There’s A Demand For The Language In The Job Market

As mentioned earlier, companies like Bitly, Dropbox and Soundcloud are all using Golang.

Further more, a quick check on job portal Indeed revealed over 100 jobs right now — from organisations like Grab, Honestbee and Foodpanda — require software engineers with Golang experience.

Plus, remember what we said earlier about Golang being a great legacy code? Chances are, you might just be exposed to the language in the future if you choose to take on an engineering role in a company that has used Golang before.

5. It’s Under Google

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Seeing how Google is the most popular of all search engines and how many of us are on the Google suite of products (think: Gmail, Drive and Calendar), it’s unlikely that Go’s popularity would be severely impacted to the point of extinction.


Whether you’re deciding between Golang or another programming language, learning any sort of programming language is great and totally worth the effort.

If you’re looking to learn Golang or get started on coding, UpCode Academy has an upcoming course for Golang happening really soon! Find out more here.