Tech jobs might seem daunting. After all, with titles like “engineer”, “officer” and “strategist”, it’s easy to think that only people with high levels of qualification could have these titles.

Back in 2017, the Straits Times in collaboration with the National Library Board held a talk where senior education correspondent, Sandra Davie, revealed that a lot of employers, including the Singapore government; hire base on qualifications.

Despite this, Sandra believes that more focus should be placed on the skills picked up in the journey towards getting a degree rather than the pursuit for its own sake — and rightfully so.

After all, more emphasis should be placed on a potential candidate’s capabilities, personality and attitude towards the position they’ve applied for.

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While having a degree could potentially put you on the radar of a recruiter or employee, experience and technical know-how are invaluable in any work force or industry.

That said, we’ve put together a list of high paying tech jobs that don’t quite require the need for a degree:

1. Website Developer

Web developers are mainly responsible for the front-end framework of a website. From designing and coding a website to creating an intuitive user experience, a developer is responsible for creating websites that appeal visually and is done in accordance to a client’s requirements.

That said, while coding skills are necessary, experience with working with websites and designing them are what’s imperative for this role.

According to PayScale Singapore, the average annual salary of web developers are at approximately, $39,000.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_Web Developer

2. Computer Programmer

Working closely with IT staff, managers and other programmers, a computer programmer often has to write code for a program, fix potential bugs and test computer programs for an organisation.

Again, coding and programming experience is important for this role but, what’s more important would be persistence, problem-solving skills and self-motivation. A lot of the times, writing code and fixing bugs could take hours of testing and thinking so, without the right work ethic and attitude, a computer programmer’s job can be difficult.

Computer programmers, engineers or developers can stand to make an annual salary of $50,000.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_Computer Programmer

3. Cyber Security Specialist/Officer

These days, cyber security specialists and officers are in-demand these days because companies are making it an even bigger priority to protect their data and prevent their company sites from getting hacked.

For this role, cyber security specialists would have to design and implement firewalls and processes that protect and encrypt the data of the company they work for. What’s more, they’d have to keep up with trending malwares and hacker techniques that could affect their company.

Cyber security specialists could stand to make an average of $76,000 annually.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_Cyber Security Specialist

4. UI/UX Designer

Once again, like graphic designers, UI/UX designers don’t necessarily require a degree to get a job in the tech industry. What’s more important is the technical know-how and the ability to understand user requirements for a particular product — this seems to be a trend we’re seeing in the way tech recruiters are hiring for creative roles.

Most UI/UX designer roles require candidates to gather and evaluate requirements of users and their feedback on how a website can be improved. This feedback-heavy role relies more on intuition and experience. It’ll also require a deep understanding of website functionalities.

UI/UX designers can make an average of $52,000 a year.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_User Experience Designer

5. IT Support

On top of installing and setting up hardware and software for a company, IT support officers are sometimes required to help troubleshoot and solve issues for employees.

What’s perhaps worth noting is that a lot of patience and understanding is required for the job. Considering that tech problems can be quite frustrating, IT support officers absolutely have to keep their cool when it comes to dealing with staff members that might not have the same intuity.

IT support staff are paid an annual average of $41,000.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_IT Support

6. Mobile App Developer

Much like a web developer, a mobile app developer has to conceptualise and code but this time, for a smaller screen and for a different sort of audience.

What’s more, a lot of what is done in this field requires self-teaching and motivation to constantly stay up to date on the latest happenings in app developments.

Mobile app developers could potentially make about $50,000 annually.

These High Paying Tech Jobs In Singapore Don't Require A Degree_Mobile App Developer

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