Text: Ashley Lipman. This article was republished and edited with permission from Women Who Code.

This International Women’s Day, we’ve look feature five badass women who are making waves and inspiring change within the tech industry.

Some are founders of their own companies, while others lead in other ways. What they all can agree on is that social media needs more representation from women coders, developers, and tech enthusiasts. Follow these 5 leading ladies below to never miss an updated or motivational post.

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1. Katheryn Hodge

5 Women In Tech You Should Follow On Instagram Now_1

BlondieBytes is led by Kathryn Hodge, a programmer known for her in-depth and often hilarious tutorials on Medium. While her Instagram is the best way to find her latest projects, you won’t want to miss her soon to be released podcast which helps make computer science accessible to all.

Kathryn is an advocate for clean, effective code and striking design. Follow her Instagram @blondiebytes or visit her Medium blog for creative tutorials like “Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Code.”

2. Tamara Johanna

5 Women In Tech You Should Follow On Instagram Now_2

Tamara Johanna is the current Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Campaign Manager at Salesforce. While you might be used to bloggers on Instagram posting endless selfies, you won’t get that from Tamara.

She shares her healthy lifestyle as a programmer and advocates for other women in tech to put themselves first. Tamara is an authentic blogger from Australia who’s photos will inspire you to get out there and go for your goals. Follow Tamara at @tamarajohanna_ on Instagram.

3. Laura Medalia

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Laura Medalia is proof that girls can love girly things and still be kick-butt programmers. She’s a software engineer in NYC who also has built her own business by selling funny tech t-shirts which she rocks with her fashion know-how.

Her blog is a source of coder hilarity with posts like tech-themed Halloween costume ideas and other quirky finds. Her Instagram is full of information on the latest development tips like a Linux command cheat sheet to new iOS features. Follow Laura at @codergirl_ on Instagram.

4. Made With Code

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While this profile isn’t a single blogger, it features the achievements of young women across the world of tech. It’s upbeat, aesthetic, and a great way to fight for diversity in coding.

Recently, Made with Code partnered with Teen Vogue to feature even more influencers and game-changers in the world of tech, development, and beyond. Don’t miss this account on Instagram @MadeWithCode.

5. Sasha Tran

5 Women In Tech You Should Follow On Instagram Now_5

Sasha Tran of Sasha Codes is a web developer from Silicon Valley. Her posts on Instagram are as informative as they are gorgeous. She frequently uploads videos showing you her finished products as well as her problem-solving with her development projects.

She loves exciting, vibrant colour and design, and that’s clear both in her coding skills and her websites. You’ll definitely learn a thing or twelve from her Instagram page. Follow her journey in Silicon Valley at @sasha.codes on Instagram.