Based on a LinkedIn report in 2018, data scientists are 17 times more in demand for the year. The report also revealed that the top emerging jobs in Singapore are in relation to tech and require some form of management and communication skills; forming a niche market for talents.

The world generates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day and these huge amounts of data can influence a lot of the decisions made by multi-million dollar companies. For example, companies like Netflix, Amazon and the like all require data scientists to help analyse user behaviour on their sites to determine the sort of content they choose to showcase.

Seeing how coveted data science jobs are, we’ve put together a list of all the required soft and technical skills that aspiring data scientists need to have in order to get a job in the data science field.

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Technical Skills: Math Or Statistics Knowledge

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Given that data scientists deal with numbers and information on a daily basis, it’s absolutely necessary that they possess mathematical or statistical knowledge in order to analyse and understand the datasets presented to them.

Furthermore, according to GetEducated, 73 per cent of professionals working in the data science field in the US have a graduate degree and 38 per cent have a phD. This just demonstrates just how competitive the industry can be.

Technical Skills: Computer Programming Capabilities

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According to Analytics India Magazine, recruiters looking to hire for data science and other data analytics jobs tend to favour candidates that can program in languages like Python, Java, R, and more.

What’s more, data science tools like NumPy and scikit-learn all rely on the use of the Python language. That said, data scientists should at least be able to code in Python to be able to operate day to day tools found in the data science ecosystem.

Soft Skills: Effective Communication Skills

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Seeing as how data scientists have to present their findings to a large scale audience or the company they’re working for, soft skills like communication and presentation are ideal.

As mentioned earlier, some of the findings from a data scientist will influence critical decision making for the company.

Soft Skill: Curiosity For Discovery

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Working with and seeing data all day can be taxing so, data scientists absolutely have to enjoy being curious appreciate finding the anomalies that can sometimes come with the data they’re looking at.

Soft Skill: Understanding A Little About Business

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As mentioned earlier, data scientists often unveil data that could potentially influence certain decisions made by their companies. Given that, it’s important then that data scientists understand a little about the business acumen and the brand they’re working with. In addition, data scientists should also be able to keep a look out for upcoming trends pertaining to the business.

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