Based on an infographic done by American computer software company, Domo Inc., the world is producing data at breakneck speed and we’re not always equipped with the right tools to read and process this much data on a daily basis.

Don’t quite believe us? Just take a look at the chart below:

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Now, while a software like Microsoft Excel is great for quickly inputting data, it’s not entirely comprehensive and doesn’t allow for team collaboration. This could ultimately slow down data presentation processes.

This is where Tableau comes in.

Here's How Learning Tableau Can Make Your Job A Little Easier_Tableau

Initially created to commercialise research from Stanford University, the Tableau software has since evolved to become a data visualisation tool that enables companies to understand its own data much better.

Utilised by the likes of Nike, LinkedIn and Amazon, Tableau increases the efficiency and ease of managing data with its dashboards.

We take a look at all the reasons you should consider using Tableau and how it could actually make your job a little easier, even if you don’t handle plenty of data all the time:

You Don’t Have To Learn To Code

Here's How Learning Tableau Can Make Your Job A Little Easier_1

Tableau is a great tool for software engineers but, you don’t necessarily have to learn to code to be able to harness its capabilities. All you have to do is create dashboards and integrate your data with the system.

However, if you’re an experienced coder, Tableau can also support Python and R scripts in case you’re looking to avoid performance issues and do complex table calculations — this will definitely differentiate your presentations.

It’s Fast And Easy

Thanks to its drag and drop functionalities, Tableau makes integrating data onto its platform really easy.

In fact, Tableau makes it easy for you to create beautiful looking infographics and visuals. Don’t believe us? Here are some examples.

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Great For Businesses

Here's How Learning Tableau Can Make Your Job A Little Easier_3

Whether you work at a multi-million dollar company or a company with just over 20 employees, your business can benefit from using Tableau.

That’s because the platform can support millions of rows of data with ease without affecting the performance capabilities of the dashboards available.

You Can Use It On Multiple Devices

Here's How Learning Tableau Can Make Your Job A Little Easier_4

Whether you prefer to work on mobile or on your PC, Tableau has a feature that customises dashboard based on the devices you’re using.

What’s more, Tableau’s systems automatically understand when you’ve done a report in either a PC or mobile device and will make alter the reports so that they fit the screen and specifications of the device you’re on.