Text: Parmeshar with additional reporting by Atika Lim

There are many benefits to freelancing and while the most obvious choice is in the additional stream of income generated, freelancing can also help you pursue a passion on the side and help you keep your mind sharp.

Interested in freelancing? We’ve uncovered several of the most in demand freelancing skills required in the job market right now:

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Social Media Marketing


Social media is one very efficient method to attract customers as there are plenty of users on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, being able to connect with potential customers and even successfully selling your product or service via social media can prove to be extremely beneficial.

This is where the freelancer’s social media marketing skills come into play, putting them to test and seeing how well they can form a clientele.

Web Development


There has been a significant rise in e-commerce businesses. With that, there will be many fully-operating websites.

Organisations or businesses will need tech professionals to take charge of maintaining the website. A web developer can take up freelance jobs from more than one company and earn a significant amount of money.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


This skill is essential as good SEO determines the success of a website and its content. Freelance SEO specialists with a proven track record of working on successful websites can help improve a website’s ranking on the Internet and attract more eyeballs per page.

App Development


There has been a significant rise in people visiting websites from their smartphones. The search for app developers who can create mobile apps for businesses is high.

Businesses will be able to connect with potential and existing customers better and making it more convenient for interaction.

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