Text: Kenneth Koh with additional reporting by Atika Lim 

Whether you’re new to the job or have been at a company for ages, chances are, job security is something you’ve thought about at least once in your career.

While being invaluable is a goal everyone seems to strive for, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how you could be indispensable.

Below, we’ve listed some strategies you could potentially employ to make you a little more valuable at work. We can’t guarantee that these strategies will work but, they’re worth a shot.

This is the most obvious and straightforward strategy. Great work is its own reward. Employees that consistently produce great work are rightfully perceived as capable, dependable and effective. These three traits make you a valuable asset at work.

At the same time, great work should be accompanied with visibility. If you can, undertake projects that have high visibility and acquire skillsets that make you stand out from your peers.

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Be Willing To Take On More And Communicate With Your Bosses Regularly

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Do not limit yourself to your job description; there will be times whereby you will be asked to do things not directly related to your usual responsibilities.

Take up the challenge anyway, and strive to do well. Any opportunities that allow you to stretch yourself and learn is a good thing!

Another great thing to do is to communicate regularly with your boss, to understand what is important to him/her. Following which, do your best to help your boss achieve his/her business goals.

Initiative, Initiative, Initiative

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Take the initiative. This could mean volunteering to take on projects.

This also means not waiting around to be assigned duties in a project or assignment; instead, voice your opinions and share solutions, and take charge if absolutely necessary. This also means being proactive in investing in yourself. Go for training, classes, seminars and events that will enhance your knowledge and skills for your job

All of these will help you develop into a valued member of the organisation that your boss will enjoy working with. Besides, if you do good work, you make him/her look good!

If There Are Problems (and there inevitably will be), Try To Solve Them And Seek Help For Things You Cannot Solve

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Employees with great problem-solving skills are a great plus point to any boss. Problems and issues are part and parcefl of working life – so take some initiative and solve problems whenever you can.

Lamenting about an issue will do nothing to solve it. Instead, try to come up with solutions rather than just highlighting the problem. Attempt to fix the issue yourself, or, if necessary, bring up the problem at a meeting or directly with your boss. Do this only after you have come up with some potential solutions to propose.

That being said, there might be some problems that you cannot solve no matter what. In this case, never be afraid to seek advice and help from a colleague or even the boss himself. It is better to solve the problem and do the job right with help than to screw it all up without any aid. Don’t be afraid to look stupid!

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Always Seek Advice And Feedback

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Psychologist Robert Cialdini told Business Insider that seeking advice from your boss creates a partnership between the both of you, putting them in a more collaborative state of mind. They then become more supportive of your idea, even before they experience it.

Seeking feedback on your work is also incredibly useful. It gives you a clearer idea of your work performance and progress. This can also be tied together with the above point: ask your boss for advice on how you can improve and do better.

After doing all these, express sincere gratitude for your boss’s feedback and advice. A boss who receives gratitude and appreciation can feel warmer towards you.

Get To Know Your Boss On A Personal Level

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Your bosses are human too, with families, hobbies and interests. While your relationship with your boss may be solely a professional one, there is no harm in getting to know your boss on a personal basis and taking interest in his/her hobbies. This increases your likability to the boss.

Who knows, the two of you might share a common interest! (e.g. golf, jazz music) Use this to build essential rapport.

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Support Your Boss And Make His/Her Life Easier

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Make the life of your boss easier. Support and assist your boss in his professional goals by consistently doing great work. You can do this by taking the effort to understand your boss’s priorities and goals. Use this knowledge to anticipate any thing your boss might need assistance with, then proactively offer to help your boss with that.

For instance, there is a big industry event coming up in which your boss is attending. Offer your assistance and ask your boss if there are any preparations you can assist with. The goal is to ensure that your boss has an easier time at work with your support.

Be dedicated and honest at work. Keep the trust between strong by being loyal and trustworthy. The conversations your boss has with you should stay between the both of you.

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