It’s easy to think of coding as a means of self-improvement and another way of ensuring that you stay relevant in the job market but in all seriousness, learning to code can go beyond just that.

Here are some ways learning to code has changed the lives of programmers all over the world:

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  1. Opens You Up To The Possibility Of Being Part Of A New Industry

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If you’re looking to switch jobs or venture into the tech industry, learning to code could make that process a little easier for you.

According to her post on Skill Crush, self-taught coder Laurence Bradford reveals that she often gets job offers and projects to the point where she’s had to turn some down.

Additionally, with sites like GitHub and LinkedIn, it’s easy to show off your coding portfolio and get noticed by established companies looking for coders.

The best part? You don’t always have to partake in physical interviews that include tricky personality questions! After all, companies are more concerned about how efficiently you can code.

  1. You Can Generate A New Income Stream

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In case it wasn’t obvious enough, programmers earn a pretty significant amount.

According to Payscale, tech professionals (this includes engineers and programmers) earn a median base salary of $49,000 on annual with some earning as much as $69,000. This obviously doesn’t include bonuses and profit shares that some companies might give out.

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3. You’ll Be Part Of New Projects — And You Can Decide If You Want To Take Them On

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As mentioned earlier in this story, coders regularly get job and project offers so, if you’ve agreed to take on certain jobs, you get the opportunity to be a part of many interesting projects from around the world.

You might even be one of the founding coders for a successful product in the future.

Perhaps one of the best parts however, is that you can actually decide if you’d like to take on certain jobs — a real luxury, we think!

4. It’ll Train Your Work Ethic

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If there’s one thing everyone that knows how to code can agree on, it’s that, coding can in fact test your patience and mental grit.

After all, when you’re not troubleshooting or finding a bug in the system, you’re thinking of ways to streamline your code and make it work more efficiently. The whole coding process will definitely train your work ethic and make you a better problem solver too.

In a Quora post, user Harish Anjaneya talks about how coding actually gives him hope. “Every time I was looking at a possible failure, I just remember what coding thought me. While coding, I get a lot of errors, I mean, a lot. I figure out the problem and fix it every single time.”

5. An Outlet For Your Creativity

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In the same Quora post mentioned above, users have spoken about how coding has provided them an outlet for their creativity.

“The beauty of computing is that there are no physical constraints like in other engineering disciplines: you don’t have to contend with rigid materials, gravity or other physical limitations — we can invent whatever we can dream up. Our programs can also interact with the physical world via sensors, speakers, voice recognition, and robotics! So, programming has opened up an exciting new universe to explore, experiment with and make a difference in the world!” says user Michael Daconta.

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6. You’ll Be Joining A Welcoming Community

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It’s a common preconceived notion that coding tends to be a solo activity and as a result of that, coders tend to be introverts who don’t actually interact much with others. However, the programming community is actually welcoming and tends to be supportive of new members of its community. If anything, this Reddit thread has shown that coders can be helpful to one another.

Besides a several online resources like a programming subreddit, Slack groups and Facebook groups, websites like Stack Overflow and Hack Summit often hold hackathons and coding events that bring coders together.

Even if you can’t physically be there, there are usually live streams and virtual conferences that you can be a part of remotely.

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