The rise of big data in the past few years has made data science and analytics a crucial part of business effectiveness. Everyone knows that in the digital age, organisations need to make good use of data to run operations efficiently.

That is why, this year, our partner Shopee is organising the National Data Science Challenge (NDSC).

The NDSC aims to showcase the importance of harnessing data to meet the demands of the digital economy. Through the NDSC, Shopee hopes to provide a platform on which participants (like yourself!) rally to share knowledge and ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, a student or a tech professional—Shopee seeks to prepare people like you with the necessary tech skills and empower you to come up with novel solutions to problems in data science.

So what do you need to do?

Step 1: Sign Up

Need convincing? Let’s see if you belong to any of the categories below:

  1. You want to become a career data scientist.
  2. You like big data (and you cannot lie).
  3. You want an internship or a full-time position at one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Singapore (that’s Shopee, by the way).
  4. You want to validate your prowess in data science.
  5. You like winning money.

If you belong to one or more of the categories above, it’s time to sign up. No, really. Joining a hackathon may not have been a part of your New Year’s resolutions, but if there’s anything on that list about challenging yourself or making progress in your (data science) career, this is the perfect opportunity staring at you in the face.

Want some support? You can even grab a friend (or two, or three) and sign up as a group.

Step 2: Prepare Yourself

Challenges are daunting and Shopee knows that. That’s why, to help you along, they engaged us at UpCode Academy as the primary training partner. We’re providing courses specially tailored to address the theme for this year’s NDSC: Product Information Extraction in the Wild.

If you’ve joined the beginner category, we have Data Science Introduction: NDSC Edition for you. The course, which spans 4 lessons, teaches deep learning, image classification and convolutional neural networks. This helps you tackle the problem of product category classification. The course is perfect for you if you have little or no data science background but do note that it requires knowledge of the Python programming language.

On the other hand, if you’ve joined the advanced category, consider our advanced course — Data Science I: NDSC Edition. This course builds on the knowledge gained from the introductory data science course and covers recurrent neural networks and basic natural language processing techniques. It prepares you to handle product information extraction. If you have joined the introductory course, you will find a seamless transition to Data Science I. If you have not, but have basic knowledge in data science, you will also find this course relevant and useful.

Step 3: Hack Away!

You’ve attended all the classes, you’ve met your team and now you’re ready to go! Programming skills are important, but don’t worry if you and your team aren’t too technically-inclined. Communication skills play a big part in explaining your project. In fact, Shopee has a winning category for the “Most Creative Team”.

You’ve done your best to prepare and now it’s time for you to get out there and wow the judges!

Challenge yourself and sign up for the NDSC here today! You know you want to.