For our third instalment of Profits Aside, we spoke to Peck Ying, co-founder of The PS Love Company. PS Love creates and distributes non-medicated heat patches that provide relief from menstrual, back and neck pain. 

Besides physical products, PS Love has also created a mobile app for those looking to track their menstrual cycle. 

Turning Personal Pain Into A Business

Having had unbearable period cramps before, Peck Ying decided to turn her personal pain into a business that could benefit other women.

“I had severe period pains and would have to use hot water bottles to manage to ease the pain. However, I realised that hot water bottles were very troublesome to carry around and that was when I was inspired to come up with a product like MenstruHeat,” she explains.

Together with her co-founder, Caleb (whom she later went on to marry), Peck Ying started PS Love in 2014. The budding entrepreneur met her co-founder through NUS Overseas College, an entrepreneurship programme she joined while in university.

The programme gave Peck Ying her first foray into the startup life and inspired her to join an incubator. In the three years that she worked at the incubator, Peck Ying witnessed first hand the difficulties faced by early startups — needless to say, the experience served her well when she decided to venture into starting her own company.

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It’s OK To Pivot

PS Love went through several rounds of reiteration before deciding to focus solely on heat-relief patches and a period tracking app in 2016.

In its inception, the company crafted care packages to help females get through their time of the month with ease. However, they soon realised that creating personalised packages each month wasn’t sustainable from a logistical standpoint and decided to pivot to turn the spotlight on their reigning star product: MenstruHeat.

Still, it wasn’t an easy journey for PS Love because despite how MenstruHeat had gained cult popularity, it wasn’t enough to catapult them to the mainstream market yet and they struggled to break into the physical retail space momentarily.

A Company Is Only As Good As Its Employees

Foreseeing how difficult it would be to convince bigger retail giants to stock her products, Peck Ying focused on investing in her team so that they were able to put their best work in and surrounded herself with mentors that could motivate her during trying times.

Things soon looked up for Peck Ying when Ngee Ann Polytechnic‘s campus store took an interest in stocking her products, giving them the shelf spot and motivation they needed to keep going.

Since then, MenstruHeat has been stocked at over 500 7-Eleven outlets across the island and is also available in both Guardian and Watsons. PS Love further expanded the product line to include heat patches for neck and back as well. The company also created a period tracking app for females to gain insights on their menstrual cycles.

Despite all the success she’s been gaining steadily, Peck Ying still continues to invest in the people she works with. “We have a shared resource for books and allow anyone working in the company to upgrade their skills with courses,” she shared with us.

When asked what she learned from her mentors, Peck Ying is quick to mention the philosophy on team management that she’s kept with her throughout the years. “Surround yourself with people who fight challenges every day. The company’s potential is as much as its people.”

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