Flexible working hours and a casual dress code. Just wear your flip-flops if they make you more productive, right?… or so goes the startup mantra.

But aside from the perks of a casual dress code, one of the greatest benefits of working in a startup is the immense versatility. From opportunities to try all sorts of roles, to being able to share your opinions on business decisions with your boss (and actually be heard by them!), startups provide their employees with a comprehensive and inclusive working experience.

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Photo: Dennis Beaumont via Maclean’s

While research points to Singapore as the most viable home for startups, and employers and HR staff speak highly of company perks, we have yet to hear much from startup employees themselves.

What exactly do the employees of startup companies think about their working experience? Are all the quirks and benefits as generous as they are hyped up to be? Are there opportunities for personal growth? And (since there are bound to be a few) what about the disadvantages?

This is where we’d like your input. If you’ve ever worked at a Singaporean startup before, whether you were an intern, a full-timer, or a freelancer, let us know your thoughts! Did your experience live up to your expectations? What were the pros and cons of working at a startup? Perhaps the small size of the company meant you had the chance to take on a secondary role that you’d always wanted to try. But perhaps you were relegated to longer-than-average hours due to the shortage of manpower. Whatever the case — good, bad, or ugly — share your story with us!

If you’d like to contribute, simply drop us an email at hello@upcode.media, or leave a comment below and we’ll contact you within 48 hours with more. UpCode Media needs your voice!

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